How to Fix No Notification Messages or No Notification Tone for WhatsApp, Line, WeChat or Messenger in Smartphone Oppo F1s

Many people having same error after using their new OPPO F1s phone. Many apps suddenly not running well and no notification alert you when message come in. Another issue, message will received when you open your WhatsApp, otherwise there are no notification show or notification tune to alert you. Is quite annoying and feeling upset when you just got the new smartphone? Here some tips and tricks solutions to solve annoying problem.


Possible reasons for no notification messages or no notification tone:

  1. Manually muted the notification in group chat
  2.  You have disabled all notifications in the WhatsApp settings.
  3.  You have unchecked Show notifications in System settings > Apps > WhatsApp.
  4.  Make sure ultra-power saving mode is turned off.

Here how to enable the setting back to eliminate no notification messages or no notification tone:

  1. Go to “Setting” on smartphone OPPO F1s.
  2. Click on “Additional settings” tab.
  3. Now, you should found “Application Management” in second row.
  4. In the running tab, you will notice there have a lot of messaging apps.
  5. Choose WhatsApp, and then click in the “Manage notifications” tab.
  6. Switch on the icon “Allow notifications” to enable the notification.
  7. Additional, there are also few options which you can customize it.

You can try with others app like Line, WeChat or Messenger with the same steps. Now, you should able to receive the notification tone when messages come in.

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